A Empresa

Our Guidelines

PALESSA ENGENHARIA DE CORROSÃO LTDA’s collaborators follow the Integrated Management System (IMS) as an essential guideline in the development of its activities.


PALESSA ENGENHARIA DE CORROSÃO LTDA is committed to the execution of its activities searching for a continuous improvement and our client’s satisfaction, providing products and services that meet the agreed requirements within a high level of responsibility in the areas of Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health.


Policy Guidelines of PALESSA ENGENHARIA’s Integrated Management System

» Performing daily tasks under controlled conditions through management methods of the hazards and risks involved, promoting the culture of precautionary attitudes through documented, established and trained procedures in order to assure the prevention of environmental pollution, accidents and occupational diseases as well as promoting hygiene of the working areas;


» Meeting quality, environment, safety and labor medicine;


» Periodically evaluating the Integrated Management System in its adequacy and effectiveness to assure the development’s continuous improvement.