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Our Guidelines

PALESSA, a service providing company of cathodic protection, corrosion control and activities related to structural integrity, operating domestically and abroad, establishes its QSHE policy as a set of intentions conceived  with the objective of guiding the decission-making process and represents the commitment of senior management with the development of a culture of excellency.


1. Provide services with quality:

· Meeting costumer's and other interested parties' request,

· Continually improving the satisfaction of costumers, products, processes and the integrated Management System.


2. Improve the quality of work enviroment:

· Developing organizational and individual competences,

· Operating in healthy working stantions, meeting the legal applicable requisites and preventing the occurrence of injuries and diseases.


3. Continually improving enviromental management:

· Meeting the requisites of applicable environmental legislation,

· Respecting the environment, preveting and mitigating pollution.


Issued: 28/03/2014

Revied: 1